Ink and Rust is an NFT collection hosted in Ethereum Blockchain, consisting of 10 pieces.
Token standard ERC-721, all 1/1.
The name of the collection comes from the main color palette, based on inky blacks and rust red-orange tones.
I started working on this collection on December 2022, and it’s been a significant journey till I finished it on mid-February 2023. I wanted to make a collection surrounding some elements, and it took the shape of a woman without a name, living through different journeys.
It’s a mixture of many things: inner ideas, feelings, recent experiences that pushed me, but also things that come from the subconscious, in the way I chose to portray them.
10 pieces, each one exploring a theme, intertwined with the rest, like a polyhedron with 10 faces.
A sense of identity mixed with the exploration of the unreal and symbolic. Repeated elements in a coded story. She lost herself and found again, over and over.
Star. A wound and a path towards healing. The soul yet left to bloom, tears yet to come, our inner guide, the intuition, still numbed.
Light/Shadow. Contrast, hope with hesitation. The path is darkened, but clarity shows around the edges. Determination takes shape, still fickle. The inner world, untouched.
Fire. Determination, destruction. Eyes set on the past, detachment and learning. Inner world taking in the nature of the tears. The feeling of love, spoiled.
Blossom. Soul, feeling of love. Regaining awareness, the soul starts to heal, feelings of love start making sense. The path that lead to a burning stage holds the possibility to revert. Darkness, still present, but the focus shifts.
Eye. Observation, introspection. Inner fire by the side, determination burns bright. The impossible turns possible, inner world transforms, forever touched by the tears. Letting intuition lead the way.
Door. Choice, possibility. Turmoil uprising, feelings suddenly overwhelming, feeling of imbalance. The difficult power of choice.
Snake. Intuition, inner guide. Listening to the good as well as the unpleasant, the double-edged sword that self-awareness is.
Tear. Sadness. Turning the back on hope, looking downwards, paying attention to distress. Unpleasant, inevitable, and necessary.
Edge. Pain. The difficult truth that was there all along.
Everything and Nothing. Growth. The endless cycle, a new opportunity.
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